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> I am currently driving my projector from an ION system in a rather
> inaccessible location. I would like to be able to pop a DVD into the
> drive of another computer and play it on the front end with minimal
> fuss. The closest I have gotten is using NBD (network block device),
> but playing a DVD is still rather complicated (insert dvd, play dvd
> locally with mplayer to unlock the drive, connect NBD, play DVD,
> disconnect NBD, eject dvd). What would be ideal would be a way to
> forward raw ATA commands over the network, allowing the front end to
> unlock the drive, eject the disc, etc. Does anyone know of a utility
> that would allow me to accomplish this?

You should be able to adapt something from the following page


Although xine will do it I stopped using it in the end as I did not find the
results to be that good and I don't think it gels as well now that all the
advancements for DVD menus are available (e.g. you'd need to do your own lcd
implementation and bookmarking, theming and rc operation will generally be
different even with some effort).

Although not perfect, the above works pretty well for me in most instances.
I would also encourage if you get a problem to make sure the DVD plays
properly locally rather than assume it's an issue with the remote playback.
I mention this as although I still expect that remote playback may cause
problems with some discs, mostly when I tried a disc locally (with myth) it
turned out that it wouldn't play or had similar issues to remote playback.
You can still setup mplayer or xine as a backup to the above (alternate
player), it's compatible with most players due to the way it works. As at
least some issue were directly due to the implementation of DVD playback in
myth, this may have improved with 0.24 anyway. 

Mostly (if not clear in the wiki) I setup stubs which are indexed in
mythvideo. You can set one up to eject the drive for example.


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