[mythtv-users] 3 Mux but recording schedule indicating using 4 tuners?

Simon Hobson linux at thehobsons.co.uk
Sun Sep 18 07:26:12 UTC 2011

tortise wrote:

>It seems relevant to observe that lots of hardware tuners is a good idea
>if one wishes to concurrently use a good amount of myth capability!  My
>design expectation was that I only needed 3 tuners, however as the 500's
>came dual it seemed more sensible to match these, to reduce the
>potential for driver (etc) issues.  The 4th tuner D4 was prioritised for
>live TV and that seemed to justify its existence, however the above also
>unexpectedly justifies its expense!

One thought that comes to mind ...

If you only have 3 muxes, then you could dedicate one tuner to each 
mux. I'm not sure of the steps required to do this (I only have one 
tuner, and 5 SD muxes) but I think you'd configure an input on tuner 
1 and only create channels that are on mux 1; then you'd create tuner 
2 and only add channels from mux 2 to it, and ditto for mux 3.
That way, unless you exceed the number of virtual tuners, the 
scheduler will always pick one of those three tuners - ie the lowest 
number/highest priority tuner for any channel will be one of these 
three tuners, and one of them will always be tuned (or available to 
be tuned) to the mux required.

Then you'd add your fourth tuner, add all the channels to it, and it 
should always be available for live-TV.

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