[mythtv-users] How To Deal With New and Modified Channels and Scanning?

Brian Fischer brianafischer at gmail.com
Sat Sep 17 20:45:57 UTC 2011

I am currently on Comcast in Michigan.  Comcast enjoys changing channel
frequencies at least every 6 months which has been a painful process.

My current method is to head back to mythtv-setup and re-run the channel
scanner.  For channels that are not found, I "delete", for channels that
have "changed" I update, and for "new" channels I add.

There are a few problems with this method:
1. The problem is that the majority of new channels only get a "partial
lock" and do not display anything.  Is there a way to automatically remove
these?  I am comfortable with python scripts, but am not sure on how to tune
a new channel on my Air2PC card or HDHomeRun.

2. channum, callsign, and description fields seem to be reset although the
XMLTVID is maintained.  Does anyone have suggestions on how to maintain
these?  Why is the XMLTVID maintained although everything else has changed?

Any advice on how to ease the "rescan" process would be greatly

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