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Fri Sep 16 22:00:58 UTC 2011

On Fri, Sep 16, 2011 at 8:20 AM, Stephen Atkins <satkins at inetdesign.org>wrote:

> Hello.  I've got an interesting situation.  I've been using and HVR-1600
> for a couple of months with no real issues.  I can record an analog and
> digital at the same time with no problem.  I never had a problem with
> the analog audio which is mentioned in the mythtv wiki on this card.
> A couple of days ago I decided to get another card but this time I
> thought I would get the HVR-1250 as it is cheap and plentiful.  I
> plugged it in and set it up in Myth and everything seemed to work.  I
> could have the main HD screen on the HVR-1600 and a HD PIP with the
> hvr-1250 so I just left it.  But I noticed last night that there was no
> audio on a recording from the hvr-1600 ananlog.  Even watching live
> there was no audio.  I tried the trick from the mythtv wiki but that
> didn't work.  I removed the hvr-1250 and the audio came back.
> So would anyone here know why?  Can these cards co-exist?  Is there a
> better mail list I should ask on?
> Thanks.
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> Stephen Atkins
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I had the same issue but with two HVR-1600's. I blacklisted the cx18 driver
and loaded it latter in the script which starts mythbackend. Since then I
have had a problem with analog on either card.

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