[mythtv-users] UK DVB-T (Freeview) audio/video stutter, AFTER projectx processing

Blaine Price blaine at price-home.com
Thu Sep 15 17:55:04 UTC 2011

Thomas Boehm wrote:

> Are the BE and the FE on the same PC? If not, do you mount the
> recordings folder via NFS on the FE? If yes, remove the NFS mounts and
> let the BE stream the recordings. I had this problem when I upgraded
> from 0.23 to 0.24 and left the mounts in place.
> Otherwise you need to tell us more about your configuration. I'm from
> the UK too and don't have these problems here.
> Maybe you could try a different playback profile (Slim or CPU-- or if
> you have a nvidea card VDPAU).
I just tried looking at some problem files with the FE on the BE and they worked fine. It is the FEs from the network that stutter (myth only, not VLC via a SMB share). I didn't set up any NFS shares so I assume it must be streaming. Thanks for the pointer about playback profiles in the FE, I didn't know those settings existed!  I just changed the setting on one of my ancient laptop test FEs to CPU-- and the stutter went away on a test recording, so that might have been it, although I'm still seeing lip sync issues especially after fast forwarding. Does anyone else get this problem with DVB-T recordings and does demuxing and remuxing fix this?


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