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David Ziring zeke at thebayou.net
Thu Sep 15 13:52:51 UTC 2011

Hi Manuel,

Thanks for that confirmation.  I do receive those channels on my Motorola 
VIP1216, but none of them (except maybe CCHD) is really key to me, so unless 
someone knows an easy way to receive them, I'll probably make a quick 
attempt to capture the network traffic, but if I can't figure out what's 
going on, I'll wait to see what happens.


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On Tue, Sep 13, 2011 at 9:06 PM, David Ziring <zeke at thebayou.net> wrote:

>   Thanks to everyone who has put together the Surewest_IPTV wiki page ? it
> was very helpful in building my m3u playlist file and getting things
> working.  One question I have though ? over the past two months or so,
> Surewest has added a number of new channels:
>    Nick Toons 89 NIKTON MTV2 90 MTV2 MTV Jams 91 MTVJAMS MTV Hits 92
> MTVHIT MTVU 93 MTVU CMT Pure Country  94 CMTPURE VH1 Soul 95 VH1SOUL VH1
> Classic 96 VH1CL Teen Nick 97 TNCK Antenna TV 172 ANTEN Logo  173 LOGO
> Nickelodeon 679 NIKPHD MTV 680 MTVHD Palladia 681 PLDHD VH1 682 VH1HD CMT
> 683 CMTVHD Comedy Central HD 684 CCHD Spike 685 SPIKPHD    G4 687 G4HD 
> Style
> These new channels do not seem to follow the udp://225.1.x.y:2001 url
> format.  Does anyone know how I can view these channels?

Those channels (at least the SD ones) don't show up on my old AminoNet
(pre-Mediaroom "Advanced Digital TV")
SD STB from Surewest. So either those channels are not yet available in my
area, or they are being transmitted in a format that's incompatible with
Surewest's old STBs and can only be viewed by the Mediaroom STBs.

The channels are listed on Surewest's page in the Included Channels, but not
in the Printable Channel Lineup, so maybe they're not yet completely

I have recently added a few channels to my lineup (RUSD and nuvoTV) but
those new channels haven't shown up on Schedules Direct either.

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