[mythtv-users] FW: Channel listing on mythweb from PDA broken

Jim Morton Jim at Morton.hrcoxmail.com
Thu Sep 15 13:34:50 UTC 2011

On 9/15/2011 7:40 AM, Anthony Rooney wrote:
> Yes, frustrating when nobody replies, yet many people can generate a 
> lot of crud on a seemingly simple topic

Perhaps it is because your posts show up with your comments quoted. At 
first glance all of your posts seem to have no new content. I have 
skipped many of your posts thinking you hit reply and send by accident. 
I only read this one because it kept carrying on. And I have to say it 
is difficult to discern what was said when and by whom.

Wish I could help you with your problem but I can't.


  Jim Morton

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