[mythtv-users] Web based 'cutpoint' editing.

Robert Logan bert at p3rf3ct.com
Thu Sep 15 13:22:55 UTC 2011

History: Ive been a user of myth for a long time, 0.16 or something like 
that. One thing I really loved in myth was the decent way to edit the 
cutlist on recorded programs before transcode/shipping. This barfed 
somewhat recently when my new BE/FE combo failed to work with myth video 
components (due to the old ffmpeg it uses) .. making it impossible to 
watch the shows on the screen. Of course, I can still ASX stream them, 
or at the worst burn to DVD .. but I cannot edit/cut the shows in myth.

Ive mentioned this obscurely in the past, but I began to develop a web 
editing tool to do the same as the cut editor in myth. Features wise, it 
will allow zooming, moving, 'add/del' cuts etc. It even works quite well 
over my DSL connection - locally it feels 'slick'. My 1st prototype was 
ok, but the second is much nicer, particularly as I want it to work from 
a 'pad' straight off, and hopefully be configurable to some extent.

At the moment:
It uses a 'prepare' transcode job upfront before an edit can take place. 
Typically a 15 minute operation for my BE.
Zoom levels - 1 frame/20sec, 1 f/5secs, 1 fps, 5 fps, 25 fps.
Move back/forward at current zoomlevel.
Mark add, delete.
To do:
Attach to the mythweb interface properly. Make it configurable.

I cant really think of much else thats needed, but don't want to get 
into the final iteration and miss a key point. Any ideas out there?

(a development 'grab' looks thus: http://myth.uk.easynet.net/delme.jpg)

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