[mythtv-users] minimum (motherboard and AMD CPU) frontend

Terjesen Jens Peder Jens.Peder.Terjesen at devoteam.com
Thu Sep 15 07:26:38 UTC 2011

Jason wrote:

Have anyone seen the ASUS ENGT430 DC SL/DI/1GD3 ... wondering if this fanless card could be configured to be low profile? Does anyone think the high pipe can be moved from beside the card to above?

Yes I bought one for use in a low profile case. I have not decided yet if I will return it or not.

The heat sink is in one piece, so needs to be cut in half to reduce the height.

The heat pipe has a flat surface at each end that directly contacts the GPU at the lower end. This means it must be bent if the top cut off half of the heat sink shall be moved.


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