[mythtv-users] IR Receiver that isnt 'MCEUSB'

Tim Draper veehexx at gmail.com
Wed Sep 14 20:03:26 UTC 2011

right, i've just broken my mythtv install by updating it, as i was having a
number of issues that i haven't in the past - obviously a bad install.

with the ongoing issues with TBS, MCEUSB and LIRC 0.9.0, i think it's about
time i replace my MCEUSB receiver and go with something else that will work.
as far as i am aware, the issue with TBS and LIRC is something todo with
Message Signal Interupts (MSI), but i dont fully understand this level of

there are a few things i do need though:
- minimum of fuss to setup with LIRC 0.9.0 (ie: i dont want to be writing a
lirc config file from scratch)
- have full PVR featureset (record, fwd, rwd, pause, play and the usual
suite of standard TV buttons)
- compatible with Logitech Harmony remotes

an internal module would be nice - i have a spare 3.5" bay that i can use.
it would be nice to have it internal to avoid excessive cables down the back
of my AV cabinet.

budget? i think £20 would be maximum. less is obvious good.
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