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>On Wed, Sep 14, 2011 at 9:52 AM, Kris B. <krisbee at krisbee.com> wrote:

>> On Wednesday, September 14, 2011 9:04 AM, "Tom Bongiorno"

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>>> I have a handful of kids shows that record once a week with the "Find

>>> and record one showing of this title each week." setting in MythWeb.

>>> I also limit the number of episodes per title.  This helps rotate my

>>> catalog of kids shows.  This works well, but I want to ensure that new

>>> episodes will be selected before reruns.  Is there an option that I am

>>> missing or do I need to make a custom priority?  Thanks in advance.


>>> -Tom


>> Tom, I am not sure this is even the right way to do it, but what I do is

>> make two entries, and one of them has a higher priority (with a larger

>> retain # of episodes cache), and filtered to new episodes only, and then

>> I have a second entry for the same show with a lower priority.


>> This is so I can get reruns of Family Guy and Simpsons, and they record

>> daily and disappear after two weeks regardless, while new episodes will

>> ALWAYS record due to the higher priority and stick around.  The reruns

>> have a hard cut commercial remove and transcode so I can watch them on

>> my rokus in any room commercial-free, while the newer episodes are

>> transcoded, but no commercials are removed (but they are flagged).  The

>> hard-cut isn't always perfect, and I lose the end credits/coda sometimes

>> but since it is a rerun, I don't really care.


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>I tried something similar a while back, but the problem I encountered

>was that the episodes that expired were treated as "deleted" for the

>purposes of rescheduling, so even if I had never watched a rerun, if

>it dropped off the queue, it was never re-recorded.  Do you have this

>same issue, or have you found a way to have expired episodes be

>treated as "deleted and allow re-record"?






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George -


If, in your lower priority rule (the one which is designed to pick up
reruns) you set in record options "Look for duplicates in current recordings
only" it should only avoid recording a show if it has it already recorded.


- Les


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