[mythtv-users] PCTV nanoStick T2 290e dvb-scan

Robert Logan bert at p3rf3ct.com
Wed Sep 14 13:09:00 UTC 2011

Excellent hint there. I checked the tables in mythconverg and voila! A 
'select frequency from dtv_multiplex' showed a frequency I wasnt trying 
and the associated settings I used for CrystalPalace produced the result 
I was looking for:

So in uk-CrystaPalace, I added:
T 554000000 8MHz 2/3 AUTO QAM256 AUTO 1/32 AUTO

Now a './scan  -a2 dvb-t/uk-CrystalPalace' produces:
initial transponder 554000000 0 2 9 5 2 0 4
 >>> tune to: 
0x0000 0x4440: pmt_pid 0x0064 BBC -- BBC HD (running)
0x0000 0x44c4: pmt_pid 0x00c8 ITV -- ITV1 HD (running)
0x0000 0x4500: pmt_pid 0x012c CHANNEL FOUR -- Channel 4 HD (running)
0x0000 0x4484: pmt_pid 0x19c8 BBC -- BBC One HD (running)
Network Name 'London.'

with the normal dvb channels as well.

Many thanks for the thoughts.

On 09/14/2011 09:22 AM, PJR wrote:
> It could be that mythtv uses a different set of transports to that used
> by scan.  I've not tried the 290e yet with my production mythtv system
> (the driver won't build on ubuntu 8.10). To get scan to work with the
> 290e on my other non-myth system (ubuntu 10.04) I had to modify the
> transport tables for my local transmitter. Do you know which transmitter
> you are using and hence it's transport values, especially for the HD
> channels?  It could be that scan and myth use the transport tables
> supplied in a slightly different way.  I've been told that the signal
> from the transmitters includes data on the full set of transports it is
> broadcasting on.  I understand myth uses this data to modify the
> transports it uses (I've seen this happen), in which case myth could
> find the T2 transports even though not in its original transport
> tables.  However it could be that scan only uses the transport values
> supplied and hence if these do not include the T2 channels these will
> not be found.
> On 13/09/11 19:20, Robert Logan wrote:
>> I have just got one of these for my myth box and was wondering why I
>> cannot do a dvb scan using the dvb-apps 'scan' tool to pick up the hidef
>> channels.
>> Inside MythTV it finds the card and detects the HD channels on a scan ..
>> what is myth doing that 'scan' isnt?
>> Anyone have any experience of this? I downloaded the latest dvb-apps to
>> check all was ok.
>> Nb. Im running a 3.1.0rc5 kernel, mythtv 0.24fixes, modules install fine
>> and the card tunes with 'scan' to get the SD channels ok, just not the
>> HD channels.
>> (dmesg output for the module is also fine).
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