[mythtv-users] HTPASSWD file stopping mythweb loading

Anthony Rooney rooneyo at iinet.net.au
Tue Sep 13 13:30:26 UTC 2011


In an effort to fix my MythWeb problem where listings will not "list" when
accessed on my PDA although they work perfectly from my browser accessed
from any desktop or laptop, I tried to set an additional password for the
PDA in the password file.


I created an new password file using htpasswd -c creating 2 users and the
file was created with 2 lines as expected.


I have an entry in the http.conf file pointing to the location of the
password file so I am not using a htaccess file however I cannot start the
Apache2 server getting an error "syntax error in line 1 of my passwords
file"?  How can this be as I have created it using htpasswd -c command as
recommended?  The password file is stored in the apache2/sites-enabled
folder and if I move the password file out of this location the web server
can be started fine but site access breaks as it expects an authentication
file.  If I move the password file back in the sites-enables folder it all
work again perfectly normally with the proper authentication prompts
presented to used accessing from the internet etc.


The problem is if the server needs to be started again I get a syntax error
in the passwords file stopping the web server from starting.


Why would a password file created using the method recommended using
htpasswd -c cause a syntax error and if the file is corrupt why does it work
perfectly Ok when moved back into its expected location post web server


Unfortunately for me creating a new password file with 2 users , 1 for the
PDA Nokia device made absolutely no difference at all to the issue I have
reported about not being able to access listing via the Nokia E63 so once
again I went on a wild goose chase troubleshooting a Myth bug with no
assistance or support.  I read in the mythweb documentation a suggestion
about having a separate used for PDA so that is why I tried this approach.





Anthony Rooney


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