[mythtv-users] Where is the best/most recent guide to setting up auto transcoding?

James virtue at rocketmonkeys.com
Mon Sep 12 15:58:11 UTC 2011

I've been searching, and I've found a few articles.  But some of them
mention nuvexport, some mythtranscode, and they all seem to take
different approaches.

I have the MPEG2 streams directly recorded from my cablecard, and I
want to have mythtv automatically transcode every recorded program to
a smaller format.  Currently I'm looking at 1-5GB/hr, and that takes
quite a while to stream.  I know I'll lose some quality, but I imagine
a nicely encoded xvid/h.264 format will probably have acceptable video
quality (esp. for SD streams) at a much smaller size.

Also - it seems like there's almost no info/howto on the mythtv.org
site.  Is that right?  I searched the wiki & manual, but neither seem
to have an explanation of what's the best option to use and how
exactly to set it up.  Just curious.


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