[mythtv-users] What Tuner Did a Recording Come From?

Ronald Frazier ron at ronfrazier.net
Sat Sep 10 18:10:16 UTC 2011

On Sat, Sep 10, 2011 at 1:03 PM, Mike Perkins
<mikep at randomtraveller.org.uk> wrote:
> ...and this is supposed to be easier than added an extra column to the database,
> which I can check with mysqlquery or phpmysql?
> "Keeping it updated during the day"? That's what the database is for.

Yep, it is easier. A lot easier, in fact. It's 1 or 2 lines in a cron
script and you are done. I guarantee you'll have it up and running in
less than 60 seconds. Now see how long it takes to integrate the
change into myth in every place necessary, compile, test, make the
patch, submit it, wait for someone to look it at, then have all the
back and forth discussion about why it is or isn't needed, or how it
needs to be implemented differently, why it fails or is impossible to
do in a reliable or meaningful way, etc. And in the end, the patch
might not even get accepted. So time how long that takes to do all of
that, vs the 60 seconds it will take to do this hack. If you want to
pursue that method, please feel free. But in the mean time, some
people have a real need for a solution to the problem now, and a 60
second workaround is much preferable to waiting for that whole process
to work its way through.

Ron Frazier

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