[mythtv-users] mthtv transports for Emley Moor Tx UK

PJR pjrobinson at metronet.co.uk
Fri Sep 9 22:43:41 UTC 2011


After many hours I think I finally arrived at a solution similar to yours.
I used w_scan on another machine with a cxd2820r (DVB-T2) tuner to find
the transports; it also found the DVB-T transports.  The results said
which transport were Teeside and which Yorkshire. I then deleted the
rows I didn't want (which incidentally matched the Bilsdale Tx, which is
in the opposite direction to the aerial is pointing) and used the
resultant file with scan to generate channels.conf for the cxd2820r and
tried that with vlc; it gave the results I expected.  I then used the
modified w_scan results on my mythtv box and found that provided I put
in each transport by hand and tuned for that it found the channels I
wanted.  However, if I set up all the transports and said tune for that
set then it didn't get the same result, in fact they were pretty useless
(it seems to modify my original transport values). Interestingly of the
transports the cxd2820r found only a few matched those published for
Emley Moor; in particular PSB1 BBCA (where all the BBC channels are
found) on 682.0 Mhz wasn't found.  One possible conclusion is that I'm
not receiving the signal from Emley Moor (although my wide band aerial
points in that direction) but as yet I can't find out whether this is so
or determine which Tx it might 'seeing'.  Either I completely
misunderstand how mythtv uses or determines transport settings or there
is possibly room for improvement in the system.  I say this because I
re-tuned my two TVs without any of these problems in about 1 minute
each, whereas myth has taken over 2 days!  As an aside the manual for
one of the TVs, a Samsung, says it contains code covered by the GPL (all
TVs & myth are fed from the same aerial).  Perhaps myth could have an
option to work more like a commercial product in this area?

On 09/09/11 12:26, Simon Hobson wrote:
> PJR wrote:
>> I need to know what values to set up in mythtvbackend transports 
>> (after the recent DVB switch over) to only receive channels from my 
>> local TX, Emley Moor.  The current values give me channels from both 
>> Emley Moor and Bilsdale (which is in the opposite direction). The 
>> values I've found for Emley Moor (from 
>> <http://www.ukfree.tv/txdetail.php?a=SE222128>here) are:
>> [f Mhz: Mode: FFT Size: FEC] 
>> [682.0: 64: 8: 2/3];
>> [658.0: 64: 8: 2/3];
>> [634.2: 256: 32: 2/3];
>> [714.0: 64: 8: 2/3];
>> [722.0: 64: 8: 2/3];
>> [690.0: 64: 8: 2/3].
>> Are these values correct and what other values are needed to set up 
>> the transports?
> What I'd suggest is do a "delete all channels" and "delete all 
> transports". Then do a scan of a single frequency and (from memory) 
> tick the box to look for other transports. Embedded within the data 
> stream is information on the other transports (muxes) on that 
> transmitter - so Myth will automatically populate the transports you 
> need.
> Then you can either scan each transport individually, or "scan 
> existing transports" to get the full channel list.

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