[mythtv-users] Rescan from the command line

Ian Oliver lists at foxhill.co.uk
Wed Sep 7 17:20:22 UTC 2011

In article <p0624087bca8d4286d8f9 at simon.thehobsons.co.uk>, Simon Hobson 
> I'm guessing you're going through the switchover ?

Yes, a double helping. What's odd is that the muxes mythtv found don't 
exactly match what Emley Moor is supposed to be blasting out, nor what 
the Headingley repeater is documented as doing. Still, it agrees with 
our TVs, and seems to work.

> I managed with 0.21, though IIRC I had to manually scan one frequency 
> which picked up some channels and other muxes; then scan each 
> transport individually - or some incarnation like that !

It worked automagically for me, but I might end up generating my own 
channels.txt for the final switchover as I've now got the hang of w_scan 
and dvbscan.


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