[mythtv-users] How to make "Record this program in This Timeslot every ..." more tolerant to late arrival EPG changes ?

Ronald Frazier ron at ronfrazier.net
Tue Sep 6 03:20:18 UTC 2011

> I was thinking to use the Find and record one showing of this title every
> day, but then it will only record the repeat episode which gets broadcasted
> around noon (yes they use same description and title) … Record at any time
> results in 4 recordings per day (they love repeating in Belgium) …
> A great way to solve this would be a parameter that allows some tolerance to
> this timeslot for example 5 minutes, so that if a program would change to a
> 5 minutes earlier or a 5 minutes later airing, it would still be recorded
> and not simply ignored as happens now.
> Does this exist ? Any ideas ?

>From your description, it sounds to me like the only way it's going to
work is to make a custom rule. If you use the frontend to create a
custom recording rule, the examples you need are there. I built the
following query from the exact-title and only-during-primetime

program.title = 'Nova' AND HOUR(program.starttime) >= 19
AND HOUR(program.starttime) < 23

Ron Frazier

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