[mythtv-users] frontends starved to death

Robin Gilks g8ecj at gilks.org
Thu Sep 1 02:55:22 UTC 2011

>> Update your backend to match the frontend - there was a bug with the
>> scheduler locking database access (AFAIK) that starved the frontend. The
>> scheduler runs about every 30 mins...
>> --

> Thank you very much for the response.  Unfortunately, I was afraid someone
> would say that.  I am not exactly sure how to do that.  I could easily
> allow
> Mythbuntu to update my backend to the same binaries as my frontends, but
> that would undo Ron Frazier's Ceton source code patch.  Also, following
> Ron's instructions doesn't seem to get me source as new as my frontends.
> I
> am not very familiar with how all this works, so I am a little in the
> dark.
>  Do you or anyone else have any suggestions on how to apply Ron's Ceton
> patch to the latest Mythbuntu updates repos source code?
> Thanks again.
> -Tom

No idea I'm afraid - I build from source (under Gentoo) using the git

Robin Gilks

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