[mythtv-users] recommendation for new combined frontend+backend?

Frank Hartmann soundart at gmx.net
Mon Oct 31 19:25:00 UTC 2011

Tim Draper <veehexx at gmail.com> writes:

>     Would the
>     * 1.5 GHz AMD Turion II Neo, or the
>     * 1.3 GHz AMD Athlon II Neo
>     as found in the HP proliant miniservers manage to decode above streams?
>     many thanks
>      Frank
> not sure about the Neo's, i beleive they're the ultra-low powered (and
> underpowered!) AMD chips, comparable to the intel Atoms. which imo is
> a no go for a BE.  im running an intel E6550 (2.33ghz) on my BE and
> thats perfect. i've managed to get that hardware down to 55w idle at
> the mains..... E6550, 2x DIMMs, dual tuner DVB-S2, 2.5" 7200rpm HDD
> (with the DB on it), and a WD Green 1TB hdd for storage, powered by an
> enermax Pro82+ 525w PSU.
> i'm very happy with that.
> the BE really needs to be a full-fat cpu to handle the requirements of
> a full BE system (transcoding, advert detection etc). you can get the
> intel core-i chips in 35w TDP vs the normal 65w TDP's. theres about a
> £10 GBP premium on the 35w models.
> i've actually just moved away from a combined BE/FE setup.
> BE - E6550
> FE - passive atom330 ion platform

Tim, many thanks for your Configuration Details!  What kind of DVB-S2
card are you using ? Do you record+play HD with your system?

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