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> On Mon, Oct 31, 2011 at 11:02 AM, Andrew Gallatin
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> > At that point, it would be possible to modify MythTV to use
> > EIT for sports overruns, even when primarily using SD for
> > guide data. Eg, it would be nice to have some option like
> > "Use EIT data to estimate sports scheduling overruns
> > for channel $CBS" And maybe even restrict it to a time window.
> Updated EIT data could also be used when recording the game as you then
> know exactly how long to record. Not such a big deal for football on CBS

Back in the back of their minds, CBS (and the other networks) have their
eye on what happens as more and more video-programming viewing shifts away
from broadcast television altogether.

A truly massive infrastructure has built up around that service over the
last 60 years or so, and as terrestrial fiber(-to-the-home) makes it more 
and more practical to move that programming to 90% of its audience 
in a different way, the people who've built their industry on doing
it OTA are quietly panicking.

The Unintended Consequences of broadcasting -- both TV and radio --
losing their critical mass haven't been fully thought out, I don't
think; they will likely be substantially larger than the UCs of the
death of silver film -- though those won't be trivial either, and
neither will be immediately obvious.

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