[mythtv-users] HVR4000 changing between two satelites fails

Ole Nissen mail at olenissen.com
Mon Oct 31 15:03:35 UTC 2011

Hi All,

I have a very strange problems that I hope some of you can help me with:

I live in denmark and are using mythtv 0.24 to watch tv from two sattelites
attached to a HVR-4000 card - 1West (Canal Digital) and 5 east (Viasat). I
use a simple 2 way diseq and 2 single heads on a single disc.
I also have a second card which has 2 dvb-t tuners on it. I never have any
problems with this card. Also a Haupauge by the way.
Viasat is on diseq channel 2.
Canal Digital is on diseq channel 1
I never have any problems tuning to a frequency on Viasat.

When changing from Viasat -> Canal Digital (No Lock is reported)
When changing from Viasat -> DVB-T -> Canal Digital (Lock is reported every
When changing from Canal Digital -> Viasat (Lock is reporterted every time)
When I have a lock on Cancal Digital I can switch to any Canal Digital and
Viasat channel every time.

Due to this I would say that my DiSeq is working correctly (I changed it
anyway to be sure. Changed nothing)
Both LNB must be working because I can see the channels as long as I start
changing to the DVB card first.

I have noticed that when I get the No Lock on the canal digital the SN
ratio is about 79% but when I get the lock its 89%. My assumption is that
myth tries to change the tuning frequency in the LNB before the Diseq has
switch corretly. My guess is that there perhaps needs to be a delay from
when the diseq switch is changed until the tuning is done, but I honstly
dont know, and whats worse I dont know how to debug or fix it. I have tried
every setting in the Diseq menu. I have ofcause made the HVR-4000 to only
be opened on demand.

Hope someone can help

Best regards
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