[mythtv-users] Audio Sync Issues with HD-PVR.

Jan Johansson j2 at mupp.net
Sun Oct 30 13:54:00 UTC 2011

>I think the best course of action is to upgrade to the latest firmware
>(0x17) and see if it helps. You'll need to wait though because the hdpvr driver has invalid picture control settings that cause the 0x17 firmware to produce a >horrible picture. I'll soon be submitting an hdpvr patch to the linux-media mailing list that corrects the problem.
>We'll also be making changes to the mythtv code that will override the picture control defaults the driver reports so that users will not need to worry about >getting a patched driver.

Hello again!

I have seen some traffic on the Linux Media list, and around the 20th I saw some messages that make me believe that it may be "safe" to run 0x17 now. 
Am I misreading the traffic, or is that actually the case?

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