[mythtv-users] problems after mythtv BE migration

Tim Draper veehexx at gmail.com
Sun Oct 30 10:54:08 UTC 2011

hey all,

i'm having issues trying to get my mythtv BE back working again.
the aim of this was to move hardware around, and split the FE/BE apart on
to different systems.

what i've done is the following:
- performed backup from myth control center, on a 0.24.1 FE/BE install.
(mythbuntu 10.04)
- install mythbuntu 11.10 as BE only, and import the .sql exported file via
the mythconverg_restore.pl (it went fine)
- mythweb shows that things appear to be fine.... the import appears
- change of storage groups from their default, to a new (local) location
(permissions are at 777, and mythtv-setup no longer complains about
incorrect permissions)

however, i am now experiencing 2 things:
1) if i try to record something, myth will appear to record it, but it's
actually not - file size is 'B', and no .mpg file shows under the DEFAULT
storage group location.
2) FE's will not speak to the BE. running mythfrontend from terminal, shows
it's getting stuck after the 8th line; "new DB connection, total: 1". the
DB enrolment (for lack of a better description), where the FE attempts to
register itself with the BE doesnt appear sucessful as it cannot establish
connection the the SQL DB. I've just killed the mythbackend service, and
the FE that was stuck with this "new DB connection" line, immediately
displayed 'cannot login'.

what have i done to break it?
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