[mythtv-users] BGT3600 - Ultimate UK DVB-T2 and DVB-S2 Tuner?

Mark Gardner Mark at thegardners.me.uk
Sun Oct 30 06:56:38 UTC 2011

I agree with you to an extent Simon. But does anyone know of any working and reliable T2 or S2 tuners?

I currently run Myth on a Revo so am currently limited to USB tuners. I've tried and utterly failed with a TeVii S660 (S2). Ok, i'm a Linux novice but that device has caused me two distro upgrades in order to get my DVB-T tuner working again! I am prepared to change hardware if necessary if i can find reliable tuners.

I have the S660 working reliably in NextPVR, but it's just not as good as Myth. 

It's a shame Linux drivers are seemingly second fiddle to Windows drivers. The BGT3600 would seem to be the ideal card if the drivers ever become available. From reading up on it it will support 4 concurrent recordings on separate muxs in any combination of 2 of each of T T2 S or S2 in Win MC. 

On 29 Oct 2011, at 18:38, "Simon Jones" <sijones2010 at gmail.com> wrote:

> 2011/10/29 Mark Gardner <Mark at thegardners.me.uk>:
>> I too never really trust 'coming soon'!
>> BG also wrote to me a second time saying that linux drivers are available now, but looking at http://shop.blackgold.tv/epages/BT3159.sf/en_AU/?ObjectPath=/Shops/BT3159/Categories/Support/Current_Drivers the current drivers are only for DVB-T2 and DVB-C, and on Ubuntu 10.04 - I'm on 11.10 now.
>> So fingers crossed....
> I personally would stay far away from this card until the drivers are
> in mainline kernel, there not even giving the source code, it's a
> binary driver so would only work for certain kernels.
> I have had tuners that I had to hack drivers to work with and in the
> end it wasn't worth the hassle, I just ripped them out and replaced
> all my cards with kernel supported ones.
> Also, the specs ain't very clear, it says dual DVB-S and DVB-S2 then
> DVB-T DVB-T2, is that 4 tuners at once or are you limited to x amount
> etc, i'd wait a bit before getting that one, unless they have
> submitted the driver code!
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