[mythtv-users] Doubled keys from remote

Mark Lord mythtv at rtr.ca
Sun Oct 30 03:31:04 UTC 2011

On 11-10-29 08:58 PM, James MacKenzie wrote:
> Mark...you were so helpful with my ir-kbd-i2c problem before...could you 
> post the link to the cx88 patch?  I'm building a new box for my sister 
> using the PCHDTV card and trying to get IT working, I'm getting 
> duplicate keys from that as well.

My patch for the cx88 IR receiver is very specific for RC5 remotes
(like the Hauppauge).  You can try it, and if your remote uses the
RC5 protocol (most do) then it may work; or not.  Worst case,
just turf it and play some more with ir-keytable.  Best case, it works:


> What I find interesting is...why isn't this patched in the kernel?  Or 
> does everyone like getting tons of duplicate key presses from their remotes?

I think if you use ir-keytable to set the repeat rate and delay,
the duplicate keypress problem should mostly go away (?).

I've never tried that myself, though, since I prefer the nicely ramped
repeat rate I get from my patches.  I haven't bothered trying to get them
upstream in the kernel, because I have too much other stuff to do already
in the upstream kernels (kernel develper since 1992).


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