[mythtv-users] Strange thing in LiveTV

Stefan D raptorjr08 at gmail.com
Sat Oct 29 21:44:30 UTC 2011

I watched a HD channel today in Sweden, SVT HD, and a strange thing
happened. I never switched channel and watched the whole movie. And i
noticed when i paused for a while that the whole recording was split in 30
minute parts. Is that really normal? I never seen it before when watching a
HD channel or any channel. And now when i think back, it was a few times
when there was a little stutter and kind of a micro pause when watching, and
now when i look back it was the times when the recording was split.

And if i was about to record a show like this i get it in several parts and
have to start the next part manually several times when i watch it again
because the recording is not in one part.

I'm running the trunk version and try to follow the commit messages, but i
never read anything about a feature like this. So why is this happening?
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