[mythtv-users] Why does mythfrontend open 6,040 files...

Mark Kendall mark.kendall at gmail.com
Sat Oct 29 09:47:51 UTC 2011

On 29 October 2011 04:09, Jeff Siddall <news at siddall.name> wrote:
> ...every time I select a menu item?
> I ran strace on my frontend to try to figure out why it was taking so
> long to show the next menu after selecting something and discovered that
> mythfrontend tried to open 6,040 files every time I select a menu item.
> Most of these seem to be to directories in the pwd that I can't imagine
> would ever exist.  Below is an example of 34 "open" calls for variants
> of the file "title/title_tv.png".
> I created links for "title", "ui" and "watermark" directories in my home
> dir to /tmp which reduced the menu navigation time by about 80%, but
> still, is there a good reason for what it is doing?

What you're seeing is a combination of Qt's internal image opening
code and MythTV's theme 'fallback' pathway for shared images.

If Qt can't open the requested file, it tries different variations of
the extension to try and locate it (we could tighten this up be only
allowing png files but I honestly don't know if that is feasible).

MythTV wise, if an image file can't be found, the code will then look
in the default theme directories. So for mythcenter-wide it would
check themes/mythcenter-wide, then /themes/default-wide and then

All that said, it does look as if something is broken in your case as
I can't think why it would be looking in for 'title/title_tv.png'.
Perhaps a broken installation as Robert suggested.



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