[mythtv-users] mythtv-users Digest, Vol 103, Issue 60

Gary gwgrover at windstream.net
Fri Oct 28 01:00:29 UTC 2011

>> >  In trying to find valid information about installing and configuring LIRCThe thing that troubling me is that>  many of the how-to's, wiki's and
>> >  articles I have seen contain NO DATE.
>> >
>> >  My mythbackend version:? [v0.24.1.
>> >  For kernel version, the command? "uname -a" produces:
>> >  ???? Linux debian 2.6.32-5-amd64 #1 SMP Fri Sep 9 20:23:16 UTC 2011 x86_64
>> >  GNU/Linux
>> >  Is there a stable release of Lirc that will work with my OS and mythtv?
>> >
>> >  Where is it documented which release of the linux kernel includes the lirc
>> >  kernel modules.
> Well it would be helpful to know what kind of remote you're trying to
> configure. Also, if you haven't already, read the MythTV documentation
> for LIRC.
> http://www.mythtv.org/docs/mythtv-HOWTO-8.html
> Richard
I have spent the last 6 months reading everything I could find -- 
including what you suggested -- thats why I asked the two questions.

Also I am NOT trying to get a remote working.

I want mythtv to send set-top-box commands to my sat box so that 
recording of programs can be scheduled and mythtv will set the proper 

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