[mythtv-users] Cannot watch LiveTV

Michael Sullivan msulli1355 at gmail.com
Thu Oct 27 20:45:21 UTC 2011

On 10/27/11 15:01, Raymond Wagner wrote:
> On 10/27/2011 14:38, Michael Sullivan wrote:
>> 2011-10-27 13:32:00.773 Expiring 25 MBytes for 1002 @ Thu Oct 27
>> 13:00:00 2011 =>  Knitting Daily "Whimsical Knits"
>> 2011-10-27 13:32:00.774 autoexpire: Expiring Program: Expiring 25 MBytes
>> for 1002 @ Thu Oct 27 13:00:00 2011 =>  Knitting Daily "Whimsical Knits"
> The fact that there was 25MB of video to expire suggests everything was 
> working on your backend.  The problem seems to be a failure to start 
> playback on your frontend.
>>   *********************** WARNING ***********************
>>   ivtv drivers prior to 0.10.0 can cause lockups when
>>   reading VBI. Drivers between 0.10.5 and 1.0.3+ do not
>>   properly capture VBI data on PVR-250 and PVR-350 cards.
>> The card type I have set in mythtv-setup is IVTV MPEG-2 encoder.  This
>> seems strange as the output above seems to recommend against
> IVTV drivers prior to 1.0 were numbered against the kernel they were 
> designed to work with.  0.4 (where I started using them) ran against the 
> 2.6.14 kernel.  0.6 against 2.6.16.  0.10 against 2.6.20.  The IVTV 
> drivers ceased to exist entirely some time in the mid 2.6.2x range, as 
> they were integrated into the vanilla kernel.
> This error is only a warning for when you have enabled VBI (closed 
> captioning), and it only matters when you are using a positively ancient 
> kernel.  Even the RHEL/CentOS users have moved beyond previous 2.6.18 
> used for their previous release.  I would expect a Gentoo user to be 
> using something in the 2.6.3x range, even with a year and a half old 
> version of MythTV.
>> [ebuild   R    ] media-tv/mythtv-0.23.1_p27077  USE="alsa css dbus mmx
>> perl python tiff (-altivec) -autostart -debug -directv -dvb -faad -fftw
>> -ieee1394 -jack -lcd -lirc -pulseaudio -vdpau -xvmc" VIDEO_CARDS="via
>> -nvidia" 0 kB
> Some odd choices here.  You have an HVR-1950, but you are compiling 
> without DVB support.  That means you won't be able to record digital 
> broadcasts on that tuner.  You are compiling with with 'via', but not 
> 'xvmc'.  The old low power VIA systems were pretty much worthless 
> without XvMC, and of limited worth with it.  Most people have long since 
> written them off and upgraded.  What hardware are you trying to run this on?
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I am rebuilding Mythtv with the xvmc and dvb flags turned on.  I don't
know much about hardware or use flags, but those use flags were the ones
that worked on my old Mythtv installation with the PVR-250 card.  I'm
running a 2.6.39-r3 kernel.

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