[mythtv-users] A question about making a variant of mythlink.pl

John Pilkington J.Pilk at tesco.net
Thu Oct 27 18:33:19 UTC 2011

I recently found out about mythlink.pl, which can create a 'pretty' 
directory of recordings with informative file names.  I'd like to have a 
similar tool to use with my recordings from radio;  it's something I've 
been missing.

The recordings are made by Myth from dvb-t transmissions, but I then 
strip out the mp2 stream to a file with the same basename but an .mp2 
suffix in a different directory, not part of the StorageGroups; 
eventually they may make it to a data DVD.  I then delete the original 
recording, but much of its metadata remains in the Myth database and can 
be read in the Previously Recorded screen.  It often isn't very 
informative but it's better than the bare chanid/starttime.

It seems to me that only small changes would be needed to create such a 
tool from mythlink.pl, but my attempts so far to understand the Perl 
code and, more significantly, the other modules on which it relies, have 
left me unenlightened.  IANA Perl programmer.  I intend to pursue this 
further but hints about how to point the search at the 'stripped' 
directory and how the data of deleted recordings differs from those 
still present would be gratefully received.

John P

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