[mythtv-users] how to make 0.24 more like 0.21 ?

Gavin Hurlbut gjhurlbu at gmail.com
Wed Oct 26 18:39:49 UTC 2011

> Anyone have any info if 25 is imminent ?
> I am tempted to go SVN and this would really effect my decision.
> Interested to hear.....

We are working towards a release for 0.25, but we have not yet
affected a feature freeze.  Once that is done, there will be a feature
freeze for at least a month or two, then a release once we are
confident the bugs are under control.  I personally hope that this
will give us a release by the end of the year, but we'll see.  There
are a LOT of core functionality changes and features...

Also, if you go to SVN, you will get pre-release 0.24.  We use git now. :)

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