[mythtv-users] Issue changing themes

Per Hatlevik jakeisawake at gmail.com
Tue Oct 25 18:50:22 UTC 2011

> I see what you're saying.  I just exited the front end, did "sudo
> apt-get remove mythtv-themes", then restarted the front end.  When I go
> to the Theme Chooser, I see the same themes that I saw before.
> Selecting another one to use gives me the same issue as earlier.  Did I
> miss a step there?  How do I know if I have older versions of a theme?
> Do I nuke everything under /usr/share/mythtv/themes (retaining Terra,
> MythCenter, and MythCenter-wide)?

just so you know an apt-get remove may not remove all the files that
were installed by a package. if you want to be really sure that
everything is removed add the --purge command line option.

for example:

apt-get --purge remove mythtv-themes to remove ALL files associated
with that package.

also, you may have a bunch of old packages lying around on your system
taking up disk space so periodically it's not a bad idea to do an
apt-get clean to remove those packages. though it can be helpful to
keep around old packages for reinstalls so this is optional.

hope that helps!

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