[mythtv-users] How do you reliably provide HDHR dhcp?

Mark Lord mythtv at rtr.ca
Tue Oct 25 05:10:33 UTC 2011

On 11-10-24 06:23 PM, John Finlay wrote:
> Thanks to all who responded. I wasn't aware of how the 169.254.x.x 
> networking worked but it seems everyone who responded mentioned that. 
> What I ended up doing was attaching the two HDHRs to a 10/100 switch I 
> had and uplinking that to a dedicated 10/100 NIC on my backend server. 
> Since I use mythbuntu on the BE I had to edit that NIC's connection 
> settings for IPv4 to use the Link-Local Only method.
> Once this was setup I power cycled the BE, switch and HDHRs and started 
> a bunch of recordings and then power cycled them all again. Everything 
> came back up and the recordings all restarted. It all seems to work as 
> desired so I think I'm ready for my next trip.

The "gotcha" with that scheme is that the HDHRs take a very long time
trying DHCP over and over before they fall back to the 169.254.x.x addresses.
If your mythbackend process starts up before the HDHRs finish config,
then mythtv may not "see" them, and thus won't use them.

I wrote a shell script to poll for the HDHRs before allowing mythbackend
to start up, avoiding the issue on my own system.

This is more of an issue on a fast-booting SSD-based backend
than on a typical slow mechanical boot machine.  :)


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