[mythtv-users] Script To Update Clear QAM Channels Using HD Homerun Prime

Kirk Bocek t004 at kbocek.com
Mon Oct 24 17:44:29 UTC 2011

If you have a Clear QAM tuner sharing the same cable feed as an HD 
Homerun Prime (HDHR3-CC or HDHR6-CC) with a CableCard installed, here's 
a script to help maintain the virtual to physical channel maps on your 
Clear QAM tuner.

Note that this script isn't for everyone. It requires some familiarity 
with both MySQL and the MythTV database structure. It performs some 
direct manipulation of the MythTV database which the Myth devs frown 
upon. Please be sure to read the comments and warnings in the script.

But I'm sure this can be helpful to others. I know it's going to save me 
some grief. Previously, the only way I would find out Comcast had moved 
a channel on me was with a broken recording. Then I would have to look 
through my nightly scte65scan reports and do some tuning with the 
hdhomerun config GUI to figure out where a channel had moved to and then 
I would manually update the channel table to fix things.

Right now I'm running this script twice a day. There's a chance Comcast 
could move a channel between one of those runs and a scheduled 
recording, but I'm feeling a whole lot more confident with this tool in 

I'd really love some feedback if you use this script. I'm not always on 
this list, so send me email off list if you've found this posting long 
after I've made it.

Many thanks to Bill Lash and his cat Ozzy for helping me get this up and 

Kirk Bocek
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