[mythtv-users] PVR-150: VBI/NTSC Closed Captions => garbled recordings

F.B. Parker fbp.mythtv at gmail.com
Mon Oct 24 13:48:56 UTC 2011


On a Mythbuntu 10.10/MythTV 0.24 system with a PVR-150 on analog cable and
an HDHomeRun on an antenna:

I wanted to enable subtitles/closed captions on recordings produced by the
PVR-150. I went into MythTV Backend setup -> General -> Locale settings and
set the VBI format to NTSC Closed Captions. This makes the subtitles work,
but it also messes up the recordings made by the PVR-150 big time. It makes
it to where it looks like the frames are shuffled or scrambled and spatially
displaced in random fashion - sometimes just briefly and sometimes where the
whole thing is just an unwatchable mess.

The setting makes it to where if I hit M while a PVR-150 recording is
playing, "Subtitles" shows up as a choice (it didn't before). The messed up
display happens whether the subtitles are toggled on or off. I thought this
may just be a playback issue, but I played one of the files in VLC, and
they're messed up there too. I also paused and single-stepped one of the
messed up recordings - the scrambled frames show up there too. So this is
actually messing up the files as they are being recorded.

I went back into MythTV Backend setup and set VBI format to "None". This
made no difference - newly made recordings were still messed up, and there
was still a "Subtitles" choice when I hit M during playback. So it seems
that something may not be working quite right here.

I then did this:

1) backed up the database

2) restored the mythbox boot software that had I made a backup of last night
before I started tinkering with this

3) restored the database from step 1) above.

All back to normal now. New PVR-150 recordings are OK, not weird and
garbled. No "Subtitles" choice when I hit M during playback. BTW, the closed
captions/subtitles work fine on HDHR recordings.

Might this be a cable signal strength issue? The cable comes out of the wall
and to a splitter - one cable then goes to the MythTV PC and the other goes
to the cableco STB.

Ideas? Input is appreciated!

Thank you! :)

-F.B. Parker
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