[mythtv-users] Mythbacked on ESXi 5.0

Tom Hill tom at ninjabadger.net
Mon Oct 24 08:29:32 UTC 2011

On Sun, 2011-10-23 at 20:55 -0700, Govindarajan wrote:
> I am trying to comprehend the advantages of such a set up but I am not
> getting convinced. One could just run Mythtv (front and backend) on a
> physical box. Running more than just backend VMs or multiple backends
> on the same physical box could be one. Could you explain the other
> advantages please?
People running separate file storage, router/firewall applications can
have them all on the same hardware.

m0n0wall, Vyatta, pfSense, FreeNAS, openfiler, etc. will all run very
happily in a virtualised environment. 

One of the major points of the front/back-end split is to provide more
versatility that lends itself to power & cost efficiencies.

> As a side note I work for VMware on ESX/ESXi but never imagined mythtv
> to be one of the workloads that would be virtualized.

You've dropped yourself in it now... Can we have a native Linux client
for vSphere, please? The Windows client is incredibly fussy about which
version of Windows/.NET/bats blood it's given.

That and I have to run Windows to use it. Which is abhorrent in its own


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