[mythtv-users] Optimize database access in frontend

Ole Nissen mail at olenissen.com
Mon Oct 24 08:10:37 UTC 2011


I dont know if this is the right place to ask this but here it goes. I have
been a long time user of the mythtv system, and its great. Im using a core2
backend and several frontends (Laptops and various Atom boards) but all are
having the same kind of bottleneck problems.

When for instance you watch live TV and hit the "next channel" button. All
channels OSD will in turn be shown with its information in the OSD (Icon,
EPG data etc). The very first time this makes the frontend slow. Not for
long but noticeable.
When you go from live to the overview EPG screen, it will again get a lot of
data from the database and lag.
When you go from the main menu to watch recordings, it will again get an
updated list from the database and lag.

If any of you have tried the PS3 menu system. Its not that good, but it
prioritizes responsiveness. If you want to see whats stored via dlna, a list
of spinning weels will first show, and then as data arrives populate the
list. This makes the gui nice and quick. In my mind this is the way the
frontend should handle its database access. Show whats ready, and populate
as data gets in. Perhaps have a thread keeping a local cache in sync with
the database to avoid the bottleneck. In my mind this will make the frontend
so much better, because neerly all functionality is already there and works.
Another example is the XBMC mediacenter software. Its also very responsive
on almost any kind of hardware.

I'm a C/C++ developer in my daily work, and I have been using the QT
framework for some other stuff in the past. I will gladly help making this,
but from now till Christmas I don't have much time, but if one is up for the
task I will do what I can to do my part.

Am I the only one needing this?
Is anyone ready to pull up his sleeves?


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