[mythtv-users] Visio E322VL missing features, correct?

bhaskins bhaskins at chartermi.net
Sun Oct 23 20:03:53 UTC 2011

I have been asked to submit a review on a recent purchase and before I 
do I would like someone
to cross check me to make sure that I'm not just missing something.

I just got a new Visio E322VL and while its a nice TV it seems to be 
missing the following features:

Visio features internet applications on this and some other models, even 
having a special button ( VIA )
on the included remote to bring up a menu of these applications.
But It seems that the software engineers must have run out of budget 
before the feature list was completed.
There are two very important functions that seem to be missing, or at 
least I can't find any trace of them.
The first that  is missing is both DLNA and UpNp functionality which is 
a big minus since the TV will not be able
to show any files from home file servers.
The second is somewhat related in that the USB section will not show 
video streams.
It does work very nicely when viewing my mythBE using my Asus box but 
that is needed by another TV.

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