[mythtv-users] X-Factor Scheduling Snafu

Kris B. krisbee at krisbee.com
Wed Oct 19 17:04:52 UTC 2011

On Wednesday, October 19, 2011 11:59 AM, "Brian J. Murrell"
<brian at interlinx.bc.ca> wrote:
> On 11-10-19 11:48 AM, Roger Horner wrote:
> > 
> > Since --dd-grab-all first deletes all your schedule data, if it starts just before you are about to record a program, wouldn't it cause you to miss the first 2 minutes of your program (assuming it takes 2 minutes to run as Kris B. says) since without schedule data your BE no longer knows to record it?
> Hrm.  Is this really true?  This seems like a good case for building the
> new schedule before deleting the old one and keeping the "no schedule"
> time/lock to a very minimum while the already-built, new schedule is
> simply swapped in and the old one swapped out.
> b.

When I watch it, it looks like it puts everything in a tmp file first,
then moves everything after it is down downloading...

  Kris B.
  krisbee at krisbee.com

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