[mythtv-users] clearing out xmltv schedule for a couple of channels

Andre mythtv-list at dinkum.org.uk
Wed Oct 19 12:26:21 UTC 2011

I'm wanting to change a few of my currently xmltv channels to eit, I've read the guide on mixing xmltv & eit in the same source and that's all understood.

The problem is I'd like to clear out the current xmltv guide data for those channels so I'm starting cleanly with the eit, would be good to see that it's really working too. I can't find any way to clear this data mythfilldatabase --refresh-all suggests it should do what I want but the old schedule is still there, have tried --refresh-today too.

I've commented the relevant xmltv sources in my .xmltv file, I've cleared the xmltv field for the affected channels and useonairguide is false for all other channels in this source. I would rather not delete and re-create my source as I have 6TB of recordings that I'd really like to keep the channel associations correct for. I'd also rather not go mucking about in the database other than as a last resort and under guidance...

I haven't enabled eit on this source yet as I don't want mixed schedule data for the next two weeks!

I'm in the UK so the xmltv source is uk_rt and the eit will be for BBC & ITV HD channels. I know it used to be good eit as I had a separate card & source back when BBC used DVBS.

Thanks for any assistance


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