[mythtv-users] Segfault

Jan Johansson j2 at mupp.net
Mon Oct 17 20:16:20 UTC 2011

(Trunk on Ubtuntu 10.04 with a HD-PVR)

My previous build was about three weeks old, now I updated to a current revision, and now any attempt to enter live tv or record makes backend crash it appears. I see the following in kernel.log

Oct 17 21:48:34 MythBox kernel: [  102.158424] mythbackend[2688]: segfault at 5 ip 011a25fc sp a8bfd860 error 4 in libmythtv-0.24.so.0.24.0[ed2000+8cd000]
Oct 17 21:48:43 MythBox kernel: [  111.302039] mythbackend[2697]: segfault at 8 ip 00e6c348 sp b38ff100 error 4 in libmythbase-0.24.so.0.24.0[d10000+1aa000]

A paste containing way to much of my mythbackend.log (I enabled -v all around 21:30) is available at http://plakkert.nl/IP6N2H7X

Any other info I can provide?
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