[mythtv-users] duplicate recordings

Dan Armbrust daniel.armbrust.list at gmail.com
Mon Oct 17 16:30:37 UTC 2011

> Note, also, that MythTV was /explicitly/ designed to use local time in
> the database.  This is not an oversight.  This is not a bug.  This was a
> design decision that was made specifically because it had many benefits
> and the only disadvantage happened during a time period of a maximum of
> 2 hours per year--that's 1/4380th of the year where a user has to think
> (and only those users in areas with DST and only those users who
> actually record something that airs at the time of the DST switch).

Wasn't intending to off-track my own thread into the UTC  / DST issues.

But for me, it is far more than 2 hours a year.  For me, the system
gets off for an hour from the time that the DST change happens until
the time I notice it, and manually  truncate the scheduling tables.

If it was only off for the hour when the time changes, I wouldn't
complain at all.  So what I observe is rather, likely, a bug in the
implementation.  I really couldn't care less if it uses local time or
UTC under the covers.

Oh, and I believe that the duplicate recording issue is something
other than getting updated schedule data.

I had an instance the other day where it did this:

6:30 -> 7:00
6:29 -> 7:00
6:38 -> 7:01

All on the same channel.  I highly doubt that it found 3 different
start times, that far apart.  Seems more like it (randomly) doesn't
realize that it is already recording - and knows it should be - so it
kicks off another recording.


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