[mythtv-users] Failed to Scan SG Video Hosts Error

Roger Horner roger1818 at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 17 15:20:25 UTC 2011

In MythVideo, when I try to rescan the video hosts, it works, but I get the message:

  "Failed to Scan SG Video Hosts:

 If they no longer exist please remove them"

mythtv-desktop is my original mythbox.   When I upgraded my box I replaced everything except the tuner card.  To do this I installed MythBuntu on the new system, giving it a new name 
figuring it was a bad idea to have two computers with the same name 
(even if temporarily).  Once I had everything working, I copied the 
database and recordings to the new box, put in the tuner card to finish 
the setup.  A while back I noticed using mythWeb a bunch of references to my old system so it was recommended that I do the following:

  mysql -u mythtv -p
  use mythconverg
  DELETE from settings where hostname = 'mythtv-desktop'

which seemed to clean things up there, but I still get the above error message.  mythtv-desktop is not listed in the storage groups in either the frontend or backend setup, so I can't remove it that way, so it sounds like there is still some remnant somewhere in the database, that setup cannot see.  How do I clean this up?  It isn't causing me any major grief, it is just annoying.

Thanks in advance.
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