[mythtv-users] Adding New Records to dtv_multiplex

Kirk Bocek t004 at kbocek.com
Sun Oct 16 22:07:04 UTC 2011

Is this an acceptable way to add a new frequency to dtv_multiplex for a 
Clear QAM tuner:

INSERT INTO dtv_multiplex SET
	mplexid = $newid,
	sourceid = $sourceid,
	frequency = $newfreq,
	modulation = 'qam_256',
	constellation = 'qam_256',
	sistandard = 'atsc';

Ozzy Lash here dug into the scte65scan source and found that it just 
changes the constellation and sistandard fields from the database 
defaults. Looking at my own table I see that modulation is changed as 
well. Are these the only fields that need to be changed other than 
mplexid, sourceid and frequency? Can you leave the remaining fields to 
their database defaults?

Kirk Bocek

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