[mythtv-users] Shutdown in limbo???

Mark Lord mythtv at rtr.ca
Sat Oct 15 22:04:40 UTC 2011

On 11-10-15 08:27 AM, Craig Huff wrote:
> My MythTV BE/FE on rare (thankfully) occasions gets stuck at the point
> where the shutdown script executes "shutdown -h now 2>&1" leaving the
> system in limbo.  I can't ssh in and the console is dead, but the
> system isn't powered off, either.  Attempts to use etherwake get
> entered in the system logs, but X, mysql, and mythbackend are off and
> the system is stuck until I do a forced front panel reset.  Postmortem
> log research reveals nothing (except the entries for the etherwake
> attempts).

I've had multi-core CPU systems deadlock in the final "halt" stage
inside the kernel.  Never did get to the bottom of it, since any attempt
at instrumentation of the kernel made the race condition disappear.

So I've left an extra printk() inside the kernel function and ignored it.  :)

I also enable the hardware watchdog timer (nearly all Intel chipsets have one)
and it will reset the system should it ever get hung anywhere.


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