[mythtv-users] ZFS anyone? Need to move off ZFS Myth machine and not sure what to do..

Andrew Gallatin gallatin at cs.duke.edu
Fri Oct 14 12:43:36 UTC 2011

On 10/13/11 16:11, Mark wrote:
> I have a Fedora 15 machine running Myth, with FreeNas ZFS NFS mount.
> Now, I need to move the hardware ( two machines currently ) into one.
> If I could reliably run ZFS on Fedora 15, I would simply move the ZFS
> disks into Fedora and use them there.  Or, I have to buy more disks, and
> move the data, then destroy the ZFS later.  I will move the storage
> local to myth and not NFS anymore.
> Any ZFS experience on Fedora Linux out there?

I'm running zfsonlinux on Ubuntu for a combined media/tv server and
home office workstation.   I've been using it for roughly
a month, and it has been rock solid (raidz with small SSD for L2Arc)
for me.  I think the remaining native ZFS problems are memory starvation
related, and I've got 16GB of RAM, so I have not hit them.  When I
setup the system,
I was initially planning to run CentOS6.  However, I chose Ubuntu
because the Ubuntu ZFS package is configured to automatically
rebuild the ZFS kernel modules using DKMS each time there is a
kernel update.  At the time I installed this box, that was not supported
for the RPM version, and I just knew I'd forget to rebuild ZFS

If you have the discipline to remember to rebuild ZFS when you apply
updates (or you just don't update the kernel), then you'd probably
have good luck with ZFS on Fedora.

Best regards,


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