[mythtv-users] SD Channel Picked Over HD

Kirk Bocek t004 at kbocek.com
Wed Oct 12 18:19:45 UTC 2011

On 10/12/2011 11:03 AM, Michael T. Dean wrote:
> On 10/12/2011 01:58 PM, Kirk Bocek wrote:
>> On 10/12/2011 10:48 AM, Robert McNamara wrote:
>>> On Wed, Oct 12, 2011 at 10:44 AM, Kirk Bocek  wrote:
>>>> Okay, maybe the error is between keyboard and chair. Not the first time.
>>>> As a cron job, once a day at 10:00 AM I run:
>>>> 0 10 * * * /usr/bin/mythfilldatabase --remove-new-channels
>>>> Should this instead read:
>>>> 0 10 * * * /usr/bin/mythfilldatabase --remove-new-channels --dd-grab-all
>>> You shouldn't run it as a cronjob at all-- you should allow the
>>> backend to spawn it, which allows Schedules Direct to communicate the
>>> next run time to load balance (and in turn give you better
>>> performance).  You can limit the window in which this occurs.  All
>>> those settings are in the "General" section of mythtv-setup.
>>> But yes, you would add those arguments to the "mythfilldatabase
>>> arguments" field in mythtv-setup.
>> Yes, I am aware that I *should* be allowing mythbackend to be doing the
>> scheduling. But this backend is running on a headless server. It's a bit
>> of a chore to run mythtv-setup on this instance. I have to do it over
>> VNC and it always seems sluggish.
> mythfilldatabase arguments is a global setting in mythtv-setup's General
> settings area--which means you can run mythtv-setup on /any/ host in the
> house.
> Or, set up the Theme Painter on the headless host to use Qt painter and
> it shouldn't be sluggish.
>> Anyway, thanks Robert and David for the pointer. Jeez, been doing it
>> wrong all these years.
> Please read the posts I linked--otherwise, adding that argument may
> cause huge problems for you.
> Mike

Just ran it and monitored resource usage via top in another terminal. No 

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