[mythtv-users] Storing recordings on a second hard drive Ubuntu

Simon Hobson linux at thehobsons.co.uk
Wed Oct 12 16:40:22 UTC 2011

Mike's JdJ wrote:

>I added /media/BigDisc/VideoRecordings/ to the Default group and
>now it saves the recording to the second hard drive.

bear in mind that Myth will add recordings to both drives, and I 
believe it tries to spread I/O load - meaning that if you have two 
tuners, or multirec, and are doing two recordings then it will put 
one on one disk and one on the other.

The issue is that if one disk is full, then you may find it 
autoexpiring recordings off that when you might expect it to stick 
everything on the disk with lots of space.

Simon Hobson

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