[mythtv-users] IPTV: changing from udp stream to rtp fail

Artemi Bello Lustonó artemigrj at gmail.com
Tue Oct 11 13:00:12 UTC 2011

> Hi guys,
>>  I installed mythbuntu 11.04 and configured mytthtv 0.24 to see my ISP's
>> stream channels. My ISP uses UDP and RTP streams for its different channels
>> and mythtv show me all fine.
>>  I wrote in my test list file channels.m3u:
>>  #EXTM3U
>> #EXTINF:0,001 - FOX
>> rtp://
>> #EXTINF:0,002 - AXN
>> rtp://
>> #EXTINF:0,003 - SYFY
>> udp://
>> #EXTINF:0,004 - Animax
>> udp://
>>  I can see all channel from 001 to 004 but when i try come back from 004
>> or 003 to 002 or 001 mythtv shows me a error telling me that mythtv cant
>> find the channel. After all my tests and googling, i think that problem come
>> when i try change from udp stream to rtp because mythtv still considering
>> the new channel stream like udp instead rtp.
>>  If i make up a list channel with only udp or rtp channels all work fine,
>> but if i use a mixed list channel i can see all rtp channels, while i dont
>> change to udp channel because, if i do it i only could see udp channels.
>>  I must flush list channels using mythtv-setup to see rtp channels again
>> because mythtv remember the last worked channel and it was udp so never
>> could see rtp channel...
>>  Sorry for my poor english and thanks for responses.
>>  Goodbye
>>    You could probably create one tuner that only plays UDP channels, and
>> another that only plays RTP.
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> That's what i did but still same thing happening when i change from udp
> tuner to rtp tuner.

I found my problem in the list of tickets but I think the bug has not been
well explained and ticket's title is wrong. Should I create a new ticket,
comment on existing or wait for the development team fix it? The
ticket was last
modified 14 months ago ...

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